Types of software testing: The Comparative Test (Comparison Testing)

Types of software testing: The Comparative Test (Comparison Testing)

The comparative test (Comparision Testing) of the software is a type of test that allows to evaluate the competitiveness and the utility of the software product on the market. The testers compare the strengths and weaknesses of their product with other software already on the market to see if it will be useful and attractive to end users, so it lets you know if the product is marketable or not and if it has a good chance of be profitable.
Types of software testing: The Comparative Test (Comparison Testing)The advantages are therefore the determination of the weak points of your software and the knowledge of the structure of competing products that could be used for future improvements to your product. It is a real Benchmark tool. Unfortunately conducting this type of test, the competitors and the end users will know of any deficiencies and weaknesses of the product and it is complex to introduce changes or new features for which this test makes sense only after having conducted all the other tests, such as white box, black box and integration testing.

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