How to open and why write a blog on the internet?

How to open and why write a blog on the internet?

What is a blog?

In computer science, a blog is defined as a real website, in the majority of cases managed by a person or by a structure or organization, in which the author periodically writes personal opinions, description of events, or other material such as images and videos, as in a sort of online diary. The structure of this “daily report” usually consists of a guided publication program that offers the opportunity to automatically create a Web page, even without knowing perfectly the HTML language. This configuration can be customized through graphic applications called templates which are documents made available for free or on payment on websites, for the development of other Web pages with graphics and creative formatting.

The Blog allows any person with an Internet connection to create their own website in a simple and immediate way in which to disclose information and opinions on any topic independently. In this context, each article is usually linked to a thread (thread of speech), in which visitors / readers have the opportunity to report their comments and share messages with the author.

The blog therefore represents a virtual place in which to spend time together with other subjects interested in the same topic of discussion, and in which it is possible to freely express one’s opinion.

This website model is managed as if it were a personal agenda, in which to record every thought and every question. In this cybernetic meeting place it is possible to publish news, information, and reflections of all kinds, with the opportunity to also add links attributable to other blogs (the latter procedure is called Blogroll).

Also in this case, through this tool, there is an opportunity to be in contact with physically distant people but very frequently close to their interests and ideas. Within this online community experiences are shared about different situations, in fact very rarely these sites are characterized by a single theme of study.

How to open and why write a blog on the internet?

Advantages and features of blogs

The subjects who exploit this communication method are renamed “blogger”. A blogger is therefore the one who writes and manages a blog. In any blog, each article is cataloged through a number and can be uniquely indicated through a permalink, or a link that points directly to the article in question. In fact, blogs are now millions across the WWW.

Of course, a large part of their success is due to their interactivity feature: that is, sharing that is totally absent in traditional (vertical or generalist) portals in which the use of content takes place in a more restricted way. Blogs are very attractive sites for search engines. This character is ensured by the presence of frequently updated texts, and loaded with the HTML language, therefore easily legible, spiderable and indexable by all the engines present on the Net.

In addition, a blog does not look like a classic home page, everything is more dynamic and characterized by constant updating over time. In fact, the presence of text pages (in static HTML) rich in continuously updated information, means that blogs are indexed and positioned profitably in the SERPs of search engines.

It is essential to underline the importance of blog feeds: RSS feeds (data flows) modify the way of doing business, in fact with the latter it is possible to obtain fresh and relevant data, guaranteeing a content management that can be customized according to the needs presented from the catchment area.

Any administrator of a company website must be aware of the fact that inserting a blog in a section of the site itself, or opening one or more independent blogs, represents a very intelligent strategy for obtaining better indexing and positioning on search engines.

Before activating this tool, however, it is necessary to understand how the positive characteristics described so far decay if the contents of the blog are not constantly updated. It is true that blogs, thanks to the comments released by users, can be updated automatically, but it is also correct to underline the fact that if the community administrator remains inactive for a long period, even spontaneous comments will undergo a strong slowdown, worsening consequently the positioning of the company website.

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